Birds painting for side gallery and cafe in London

22 Jan 9 notes

I had a lovely poem sent to me not so long ago, here goes attempting to draw eggs and pufflings. 

10 Jan 5 notes

Small plate - Leopard

6 Jan 10 notes

Small plate - The cat

6 Jan 9 notes

Small pot - Snakes

6 Jan 16 notes

Small pot - Worms in my garden

6 Jan 6 notes

Small plate - Reykjavik, Iceland

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Wuthering Heights ceramics

Cathy and Heathcliff are back out on the Yorkshire Moors, more work can be viewed here -

27 Dec 13 notes

Christmas post

I received some beautifully designed christmas postcards from the very talented Anna Artmann the other day! If any family/friends would care to purchase me this beautiful tea/coffee/hot chocolate warmer for me I’d be very grateful. 

24 Dec 1 note

Illustration workshop at the Tetley, Leeds

Myself and Rob held an illustration drop in at the Tetley in Leeds last weekend, we had a range of adults and children dropping in to look at some well known christmas texts, which they then illustrated. We had a lot of snowmen and fir trees and a bonfire night scene thrown in there too.

It was lovely to see children making images and having fun with it and experimenting with all the materials provided, a good reminder not to over think drawing so much and just get on with it. Thanks kids!

Anyway here are some of the pictures that were made on the day, they’re being made into a small booklet so if anyone want’s to pick one up they’ll be at the Tetley.

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