The fox’s of fox mountain series is now up on my website.

9 Mar 9 notes

The butcher, ceramic stonewear object.

4 Mar 7 notes

The kiln has arrived hurrah!

4 Mar 2 notes

Yorkshire Farmer and dog for upcoming mates exhibition ready for the kiln.

18 Feb 14 notes

I was recently asked to make a Valentines day film poster for Hyde Park Picture House, Leeds.

I’d definitely recommend watching ‘Her’ directed by the incredible Spike Jonze, a lonely man in future LA who falls in love with his operating system, the soundtrack is also wonderful!

13 Feb 12 notes

'Animals at night' for Step cafe/gallery London

13 Feb 17 notes

The Step cafe/gallery London

My pal Amanda kindly asked if I would like to work on an exhibition with her at the lovely Step cafe in Bowes park, London. 

After many a nail in and out of the wall and fumbling of a tape measure the exhibition is up! 

Big thanks to Nell the owner and Amanda for all their help.

13 Feb 4 notes

Second plate for spur exhibition ‘our house’ on the 6th at village bookstore, Leeds.

5 Feb 6 notes

Iceland bowl

31 Jan 9 notes

One of two plates for an exhibition with spur at village bookstore, Leeds.

23 Jan 47 notes